In-depth interviews are very effective in getting diverse information from individuals.

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In-depth interviews are done on an individual basis. Their advantages over focus groups lie exactly there, as the information is exchanged between the interviewer and interviewee with no interruptions or other views affecting the interchange. On the other hand, the discussion will not be as dynamic as when it is done in a group setting.

Of great importance is to dig deep and customize the questions in line with the participant´s answers on the go, although within the constraints of a framework. In-depth interviews are also very useful when it is hard to obtain a certain group of people together at the same time. In some cases, in-depth interviews are done with individual participants from focus groups if the administrator believes that some information were withheld in the focus group.

The results of in-depth interviews are delivered in a report where the client gets a precise description of the interview, without comments being traceable to individuals.