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Brand and Brand Loyalty

Maskina offers brand and brand loyalty research where different brands are compared on attitude towards the brand, brand awareness and brand loyalty. Current status of the brand is evaluated on these dimensions and the results are analysed by target groups as well as other variables. Maskina offers three different brand and brand loyalty research. Brand Loyalty Yardstick is a simple and effective approach. Brand Loyalty Emotion Measure evaluates the brand by the emotions it arouses. Total Brand Loyalty is a more detailed and comprehensive study.

Results are delivered in a digital report, but also a printed version for a nominal price. In the report the results are analysed by various demographic variables, such as gender, age and residence. Other background analyses are also available if desired. Maskina strives to summarize the main conclusions and interpret them for the client. If applicable, Maskina also summarizes a list of possible improvements. Maskina’s main emphasis is to deliver results which can be implemented in the clients operations and decision making.